Still here.


The masala omelette as recommended by Bre (I highly recommend signing up to her beautiful, considered and story-filled food and recipes newsletter, Just to Delight). I had to make the paratha from scratch and didn’t have chappati flour in the pantry so made do with spelt and it worked out fine. I also used dried chili in place of fresh. If you’re not using your lockdown to perfect your burger what are you doing? On my list to make is this artichoke dip. ‘My first way to care for someone is through that same act of preparing them a meal.’


At home with artist Shirin Nesrat. I always want to rearrange the house and buy new furniture when I am stuck inside. Looking for a better couch, building shelves, rugs. The Modern House and Remodelista are my ports of call for inspiration.


On deadlines. I do this trick also, I learnt it when I was a journalist, setting myself ‘soft deadlines’, review times, final deliveries in my calendar. I do it for my personal goals too - try it! Imagine a world without email - Cal Newport on Deep Work.

You search the racks at Best Buy and Circuit City but you can’t find the DJ Assault remix of “Ass N Titties” anywhere. You don’t know if you will ever hear the live version of Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin” ever again. Passion Weiss are killing it with music POVs, I almost spat my coffee out reading this today, IYKYK.

Communal living. I haven’t lived with people other than my ex-husband for almost ten years. Living alone is a great joy. I can’t imagine living with housemates again, the drama, the bill-splitting, the shared fridge - but I do think the isolated model is inefficient. Is there a middle ground? I did my thesis on ohu, which was the New Zealand iteration of the Israeli kibbutz in the 1970s. There has always been something magical in it for me.

Thinking about love and what it should be and feel like.

Some loves can unseal, irradiate, and heal those small dark old places in us where joy has been compacted into a hard dense loneliness. This possibility is folded into a glorious, maddening Möbius strip of trust: The very relationships in which we can begin to grow those twin roots of the soul require a level of trust to begin the terrifying process of being known — a process Adrienne Rich placed at the heart of every relationship in which two people have together earned the right to use the word “love,” a truly honorable relationship shaped by “a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.”


Travelling the world from my laptop rewatching the entirety of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. I started in Tangier, tonight is Punjab. The food is amazing but honestly he is my one and only celebrity crush.


I ordered Eula Bliss’ ‘On Immunity’, it felt timely. Wish I could access a vaccine.


Interruptrr is an incredible initiative. Sonder & Tell create brand voices. Making magic.


A five-year-old sans childcare in hard lockdown as a single parent with a full-time job and no family in Australia is a special kind of challenge. Watercolours, endless snacks, far more iPad time than I would like, Cosmic Kids Yoga, potions and ‘experiments’, tears from both of us. He wants to start a YouTube channel and his first video was recording himself reading a Welcome to Country. It’s not all bad, but please share ideas for entertainment and maybe some gin.


A lot of HTRK. Design Matters. Gorilla vs Bear new music. The most beautiful Floating Points track.

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