Busy beautiful week! Blue skies! Lots of nice things to read and watch below.


At Alana Wilson’s work, and in lieu of a physical piece, an ethereal print created in collaboration with photographer Traianos Pakioufakis.

Also at this image by Shannon Te Ao which is part of a new exhibition, Mā te wā, at Mossman Gallery.

“Fraught dynamics of indigeneity, language, and loss. Richly layered, Te Ao’s works enact a compression wherein past and present co-exist, and daily life is permeated with multifarious social, political, cultural, and philosophical histories.”


Forest soundbathing, a beautiful project. Flow State, which I think I have mentioned before, is a newsletter that supplies two hours of working music each day. There is a high rotation of Arthur Russell and other gentle sounds and I have discovered a ton of new albums through it like this one. Also, filthy trap music, especially this. This. And this.


Soothing and wholesome content on British garden rejuvenation via here.

“Somehow these glitches only heighten the show’s soothing effect, its sense of bridging space and time. I’m here, in the present, in a ravaged America, watching two men in England, thirty years in the past, who are tending a garden more than a century old—very gently, and with great care, coaxing it back to life.”

Armchair travel to Marfa (the V/O is annoying, but visually beautiful) and the Noguchi Museum.


Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. How climate and culture intersect in Atmos magazine. The newest edition is a good read, themed around Flourish/Collapse. I particularly liked reading about Forest Keeper, Dr. Miyawaki.


To Sentiers. To Jessica. To Public Announcement.


Orange, feta and honeyed almond salad from my new Diana Henry cookbook. The whipped bottarga pretzel at 10 William St. It’s artichoke season. Sushi and rose in the sunshine. Cloud soft sandwiches at The Shop.


About brands, always. How we build them and how they stick. Ana Andjelic is as prescient as ever in her most recent newsletter.

Friends, not clothes, start culture.

Look at the edge, that’s where the future is. Those excluded from the game usually understand better what the game's about than the insiders.

Mood is everything. A brand either has it or doesn’t have it. Brand mood is its aesthetic universe, ideas, values, beliefs, music, the energy of people and places, the crowd it gathers and the crowd that gathers around it.

This read on how Hermes built their worth is so good.


Yummy lingerie from the Great Eros. Divine, special incense treats. More Living Libations things, I have their Rose Serum and an eye cream and they smell almost edible. The brand is super kooky, the products are unbelievable.

Have a good week.